Jeld wen windows= inferior product

rowan_1963August 26, 2010

Stay away from the jeld wen windows. I have replaced every single one in my 11 year old home, due to seal failure. Every single one ( about 60 pairs!!). What a joke

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Did they warrant the glass failures?

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They replaced them for the first ten years. They came primed. I had to paint them and install, or have them installed. The double hung were easy enough to do, but the stationary and large patio doors I was unable to do on my own. They are now (over ten years) covered 80%. I had a large number that needed replacing so it cost me 3,500 for the windows, 950 for the install and 500 to have them painted. I don't think that 11 years after installing them it should cost me that much. Plus it is every single window. They clearly have a quality control problem.

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although I am no fan of the product, sounds more to me to be a glass company issue than Jeld-Wen's.

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Assuming it is a glass company error, why does this matter? The glass was selected and provided by Jeld-wen as part of its window, and the seal failure is a warranted defect.

My issue with rowan_1963 is why he/she let the window company push him/her around. After the first glass replacement, had the seals failed again, I would have bought replacement glass locally and charged Jeld-wen for the replacement on the basis that any glass they provide is not merchantable. Jeld-wen is responsible under the law for providing a merchantable product, and if it does not, then they must pay for both the labor and material cost of putting it right. So any amount paid for painting and installation should under the law have been paid by Jeld-wen.

Here is an item I posted elsewhere, but it is apropos here:

"Window warranties aggravate me about as much as faucet warranties, which are only slightly less annoying than setting my hair on fire with kerosene and putting it out with a brick.

I don't know of a single window manufacturer that really stands behind its product. Almost all claim to have life-time warranties, but if you read the warranty, they actually promise very little. At most they will, eventually, send you a replacement part, but actually getting the window fixed is up to you.

Not to be impolite, but this is crap. The window fogged up because it was not manufactured properly. There is no other explanation for fogging of an unbroken window. The homeowner did nothing to cause the problem. It is entirely on the manufacturer, who, if he was actually standing behind his product would also pay for the labor to install the window. I am not at all impressed with the fact that a window company makes a video showing the homeowner how to install replacement glass. Why should the homeowner have to install it? He didn't cause the problem.

If we install windows for a customer, and they have manufacturing problems, we take care of the problem. We deal with the manufacturer, we install the replacement parts. And we keep track of our time and costs and bill the manufacture for them. If they have not paid in 90 days, we sue.

Most people are not ware that the manufacturer's written warranty is not the only warranty a homeowner has. By law the manufacturer warrants the windows to be merchantable, workmanlike, and fit for the purpose for which intended. If the manufacturer violates these warranties by, for example, providing a dual-glazed window with seals that leak so the window fogs up (not merchantable, not workmanlike), he has to pay for the parts AND the labor to install the parts. That is the law, and has been the law for over 100 years.

Manufacturers' warranties are not written for the purpose of protecting the customer, they are written to avoid, as much as possible, their duties under these common law warranties. The effort is only effective if the customer lets the manufacturer get away with it.

We never do, and we never lose.

My suggestion for homeowner is not to deal with warranty issues themselves. Get the company who installed the windows to deal with it. You may have to pay them to take care of manufacturing problems (but not installation problems -- that's on them). That way you avoid the finger-pointing that is common in window warranty claims. The manufacture says its an installation problem, the installer says its a manufacturing problem and no one does anything.

Take pictures, get invoices, keep close track of your costs. Add them up and bill the manufacture. The company will probably deny their liability since labor is not covered by their written warranty. Don't spend any time trying to explain your rights under common law warranty -- just sue in small claims court. The judge will provide all the explanations necessary. At $15-45 to file a small claim, it is one of the best judicial bargains around.

Keep in mind also that most window companies are members of the Better Business Bureau and as members have to submit to binding arbitration if your ask for it. Ask for it. Let the BBB collect for you.

Stop taking crap from manufacturers over warranty issues."


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I believe you read bit wrong they replace them free for 10 yrs, should not say replaced. I just made a comment about it being more a glass mfr issue but by all means Jeldwen is the warranty holder

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