Veneer - Pressed Wood desk

katefisherApril 22, 2008

I hope my question is appropriate to this forum.

Last weekend my neighbor gave us a slightly older rolltop style desk that upon closer inspection is made of veneer. From across the street it looked like wood:)

Anyway if we can't do something to fix the damaged surface I will take it to the thrift store. But can it be painted or improved somehow? I'm guessing that something made of this material cannot be refinished per se.

Thank you.


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Kate, you haven't described the damage. What, as precisely as possible, is wrong with this piece?

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... and you haven't described the "veneer" If it's wood veneer, it's not a problem. If it's a plastic veneer, you have less chance.

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I believe there was most often some veneer on "older" roll top desks.
How about a picture?
Linda C

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