What color would you choose for vanity?

mdp0430August 6, 2014

Hi everyone,

At a crossroads in terms of what color to choose for our vanity in our only full bathroom. The tile is beige with strands of white and brown. It's a small full bath, so I want to keep it light. We have to custom build the vanity given the height of the pencil tile, width of 18" due to the radiator; but we'll make up the height with a vessel sink.

I was thinking of using the Pottery Barn vanity linked below as inspiration for the custom build:

Any ideas what color I should go with? I want to stay away from white (did that in the kitchen) and espresso (did that in the half bath). Maybe light gray?

Thank you for any insight and comments!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Vanity

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If the bathroom is beige and white, I wouldn't paint it in gray.

How about an antiqued, soft green? Then get either a white curtain (will it be curtain or glass doors?) or a curtain that compliments the green vanity?

This is a kitchen cab, but it gives you an idea of the antiqued green with the beige and white.

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I know you said you wanted to keep it light, but we did a lot of grey-beige tile in our large master bath and used black-stained vanities with polished nickel. It really sparkles. Think of a black/taupe combination. The granite countertop is common St Cecilia and the slab we chose has very little gold but a fair amount of grey, cream and black in it.

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Sorry -- but my first choice for the color of the custom vanity would be fresh creamy white vanity to work with white tub, toilet and trim ......

Then you have a full range of colors to choose accessories like towels etc. -- cooler grays (unless you choose a very warm gray-taupe-brown) would clash with warmer colors of beige and brown ......

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I agree with teacats. Creamy white for the vanity. Gray would not appeal to me at all.

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Thanks for your replies everyone!

The white on the walls is just primer. We plan on painting the walls last. We're going to do a durango marble counter to match the tile, it's what we used in the shower niche and shower shelf. And then we're going to put a white oval vessel sink on the vanity. For the time being we're doing a shower curtain, then as funds allow, glass. We're also doing an over-john for the toilet that matches the vanity...

I never would have thought of light green. I like the way the colors work, but worry I might be getting away from elegant and headed towards casual.

I do agree a creamy white would look great, but have 30 linear of feet of creamy white in the kitchen!

What about a mid/dark brown? Not stained, but painted?

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your expertise!

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What about a medium wood? Not as rustic but that kind of color

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I'm not sure why having similar cab color in the kitchen would stop you. It would add some cohesiveness to the elements in your home and IMO would be the best choice for your vanity with the other bathroom elements and colors. Keep it neutral and change it out with accessories, as others have said. Or use what you have in the other bath and have some continuity between the baths.

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Butâ¦butâ¦you said no espresso!

I think you have to be very careful with mid-brown colors. Chocolate/deep browns can be elegant and rich and gorgeous, but mid browns can be blah and look like poo.

I don't agree that green would make the bathroom lean casual. I think it would give the bathroom some character, versus the usual white-or-brown.

with glass or chrome/silver hardware? and elegant light fixtures?

Beautiful, but different.

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O.K. I checked around the blogs like "Velvet & Linen" (California) and "Tone on Tone" (Washington, D.C.) and "Belgian Pearls" (Europe) -- all use those elegant Swedish/European soft-toned neutrals .....

.... So how about a super elegant pale grayed lavender .....

Here is a link that might be useful: BM -- Touch of Gray 2116-60

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A lovely soft aged color .....

Here is a link that might be useful: BM -- After the Rain 1452

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A very pale lavender would be beautiful, I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Violet dusk

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Or, my fave, which would be stunning, IMO, with glass knobs

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Vintage Charm

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whatever hue is on the wall and i see it on my monitor as a warm gray/beige. I LOVE the look of the wood vanity a shown in the photos posted by nosoccermom.

That is exactly what I plan to do with my new build master bath.

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And only white towels.

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Another beautiful deep gray/purple is BM Kasbah. Again, with white towels and glass hardware, against the beige and white?


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Hmmm, on the other hand, this vanity in Gray seems to work well in a Beige bath.

Ok, I think I'm going to go dark brown or creamy white...

Most of the pictures that I see of beige bathrooms almost always have dark brown. I'm worried the white will take alot of abuse in our only full bath. It also took alot of fortitude to do the white cabinets in our kitchen. I think maybe psychologically white isn't in my comfort zone. We live in the North East, I wonder if that bears any influence...

Thanks everyone!

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In the picture you have, the walls are gray and the tile work has gray in it but truthfully my choice would have been a creamy white.

What about a soft taupe like BM Cedar Key. Use some black ornamentation to give it some sexy punch. Maybe frame some black and white sketches in black frame, a black bird cage, black candelsticks, black chandelier, etc.

http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/cedarkey#ce_s=cedar key

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I think creamy white would look wonderful, but the photo with the grey vanity is nice - you could probably do something like this, but you will have to use the countertop and wall paint to tie it together, and greys can be tricky.

If you do mid-brown, definitely get it stained. I have not yet seen a brown painted vanity (or cabinet or piece of furniture) that I really liked.

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