Anyone interested in Joining Me in PV in Feb.?

texaswildSeptember 28, 2008

I changed my mind on going to an assemblage workshop when Sam at the Haciendo Mosaico told me how many people are returning to the following workshop. She must really be great to get repeats. I'm signing up this week. Sure wish some of you could join us. Words can't describe what a creative high the Haciendo is, the atmosphere, friendships one makes there. The inspiration just hits you like an atom bomb, and it doesn't go away for months. I'm needing it right now cuz I'm sorta low on it, and need a re-fill. I can hardly wait 'till Feb. Come join us.

Mosaic Workshop at the Haciendo Mosaico

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Here is a few pics of when I went there with Klinger, and we met Slow...

Visit My Photos - 7 Pics


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Dang it Slow, you KNOW I want to go!
But.. I am planning on going to SAMA in San Diego next year.
I know you'll have a wonderful time! Is Gyps goin'?

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Slow! I can't take the class, but you know I'm going to be living about three blocks away, and will absolutely plan on meeting you while you're there! I thought I was going to miss you by about 3 days, and am so glad you decided to come in February!

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Daisyme- Quit camping and save your gas money to take thew class with her. I wish I could, but too rich for my blood. I can't even sell that many mosaics in Jane, you are supposed to come here...we could let Slow teach us via computer. lol

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Too rich for my blood too, Flag. Man, the market dropping 7 % in one day....yikes. We've already got our tickets to PV though, so we're going. We might as well sit around there as here this winter while Congress figures out how to fix this economy.

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CALAM: Brings back such fond memories. I never did try to make that crown on your first picture. BAMA - I would almost guarantee you'd have lots more fun at the Haciendo - and a WHOLE WEEK of it. DAISY: So glad we'll get to meet. Once you see the place, I'll just bet you'll join me for a class there at a later date. FLAG - there's NOTHING I could teach ANY of you. Are you on something, girl? I could "sit" under y'alls' tutelage w/pleasure.

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I could be on that plane with you if I could stowaway. I think that the plane fare plus the cost of the workshop is a lot more than I want to spend. You could teach me lots after you go to the workshop is what I meant Slow. I know you will take lots of pics. I wish I was there so I could visit with Gail myself. You get to do it for all of us. But we couldn't have picked a better emissary.

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Well aren't you nice, FLAG! I'm not much of a photographer, but I'll try. I checked the airfare yesterday. I think there's only three/four seats left on the early morn. flight - lots left on the late afternoon one. I gotta take time to sit down and work on these reservations this week. Yeah - air fare was $827 yesterday when I checked - OUCH, and this workshop is, I think, the most expensive, but I gotta do it. I've never taken a mosaic class, and I'm feeling rather dry, lately, so maybe this w/be a shot in the arm and put my work on another path. W/share w/y'all when I return.

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Since I'm staying just 3 blocks away in PV for the winter, I'm coming over to Hacienda Mosaico to meet you and I know for SURE I'll regret not being able to stay there for the class, Slow. Now if they'd just perfect that invisible suit the government is working on.....And wouldn't it be just a grand time if you could come too, Flag?

You've never taken a mosaics class? Well, knock me down, Girl! I can't believe that!

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I could leave now and probably walk there by January. lol

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FLAG! Reading you email this morning re all the work you're doing on your studio, I'm thinking you could do that very thing. One of the guys that I met last year drove from Arkansas. He had a very interesting trip, and had his own car for his vacation. Many people I met at our little hotel return every year. Some of the workshop people return every year to the Hacienda. I've talked my daughter and her friend to go w/me this year, and I know once they see the place and experience the wonderful art and inspiration there, it'll be a yearly trip for them too. Hey, DAISEY: We can go shopping one afternoon and then have 'ritas and snacks afterwards.

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You're ON! How fun THAT will be! I SO love shopping and 'ritas! Flag....put your thumb out late January.

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