Gorell or Softlite?

TNGlennAugust 27, 2012

This is my first post, but I have been reading replacement windows posts on this forum for a while. Thanks to all the great pros on this board for making me a smarter windows customer!

We are replacing 19-year old builder quality aluminum windows. There are twelve 31 x 70 single-hung, one half circle, one 22 x 42 fixed picture and a 6-foot hinged patio door.

After considering our options, we want to install premium vinyl windows with a glass package that is low-e and laminated We don't have an Okna or Himark dealer here and the one Sunrise dealer does't stock their full line and is primarily a sunroom and awning installer. Fortunately, Softlite Gorell has recently signed on with a well-respected dealer here in Nashville that also installs Andersen wood windows. We have quotes for the Gorell 5300 and Softlite Imperial LS products (he doesn't sell Elements). I believe we could be happy with either Gorell or Softlite and our budget can afford either one.

I have two questions:

1. Not including the patio door, the Gorell quote for the windows is $9,930 or $710 per opening. The quote for the Softlite is $11,330 or $810 per opening. Assuming a quality install for either window from the same dealer, is the Softlite worth the $1,400 premium?

2. We prefered the Softlite Thermal Glide to the Gorell 6300/6400 patio door because the Softlite had brass rollers rather than the nylon rollers from Gorell. Now this dealer is quoting the new design Softlite patio door called "Kingsroyal" and is calling the Gorell door "Thermal Glide". Have any of you seen the new Softlite door? Has Softlite re-branded the Gorell door as "Thermal Glide? The "Kingsroyal" has stainless steel ball bearing rollers and upgraded hardware. Both doors use a laminated glass package. The Gorell 6400 is quoted at $2,972 and the Softlite Kingsroyal is quoted at $4,057. Is the new Softlite door worth the $1,000 premium?

Thanks for your opinions. --Glenn in Tennessee

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What models on each of the windows?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Oops...missed the designations in this case.

In this comparison I prefer the LS over the 5300.

I have not seen that door yet but $4,000 is a pretty penny for a vinyl sliding door.

Did they tell you what the line item cost on the lamination upgrade was?

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I don't think that pricing is out of line considering the glass is laminated.

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The upcharge for the laminated glass is about $1,100.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


I know that Soft-Lites laminated prices are not cheap either.

Price seems okay for that door.

Laminated is not cheap as demonstrated here.

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I'm a new member as well and live near you. What is that dealer you are using in Nashville?

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Gotta like your screen name, chickenlips!
For Softlite-Gorell we are using The Lee Company.
We have decided to go with the Softlite Imperial LS.
We will use the laminated glass just on the 6 bedroom windows. We are also getting Softlite's new design patio door, the Kingsroyal. It will not have laminated glass.

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Thanks for the info! Please post how the install goes!

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TNGlenn: We're thinking of the Softlite as well. Either the LS vs Elements. We need to get 3 sliding patio doors and were also told of the newer Kingroyal door.

I am hoping that you see this...How do you like the windows and the door?


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Imperial Ls and kings royal door are both solid choices.

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