Water Based Poly Floor Finish - how to apply!

kashka_katApril 24, 2013

Ive decided to use Varathane water based floor finish instead of oil based. The description mentions self leveling and I had good luck with the oil version.

SO⦠wondering if yall could help me to get informed on how to apply the finish and have it turn out well. I understand it is somewhat different than applying oil which is a bummer bc it took a while to perfect my oil based technique.

Applicator - says to apply with brush or pad. Not supposed to use lambswool pad, so what other kinds of pads are there? I think a brush would be too small. WouldnâÂÂt I want something that puts down a good amount of product quickly so I can be working into a wet edge?

Somewhere I read about using foam brush or roller - is that true? DonâÂÂt I have to worry about bubbles the same as when applying oil based? Foam brush created LOTS of bubbles with oil based as I recall. There were also the issues with stirring too fast which created bubbles - is it a similar thing with the water based?

âÂÂThin coatâ - how thin is thin? I mean I could get a REALLY thin polish on the surface, or I could do a medium amount that creates a nice wet layer but not so much that I flood it or create pools of the stuff.

HereâÂÂs my plan:
Finish sanding with 120 grit
Apply Zinsser sealcoat (btw, why do they call this âÂÂsanding sealerâ when its put down after sanding?)
Depending on what the wood looks like (its beat up old fir) I may or may not be playing around with paints/stains
Finish coat- however many layers it takes (sanding lightly + tack coat between coats)

Anything youâÂÂd add? Any tips, tricks I should be aware of?

BTW - is there much difference between satin and semi gloss in terms of wear?

Thanks in advance - yall were such a great help back in 06 Im hoping youâÂÂll come thru for me again!

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The "brush" is not a small paint brush, but a very short haired but wide 'brush' on a pole.

It looks almost like a squeegee but with short hairs instead of a rubber edge.

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