Damaged oak front door - How to repair/protect finsih

lannegreeneApril 1, 2013

Hi, I need some advice on replairing/protecting my front door. The door is four years old, solid red oak. It was finished with Waterlox prior to installation. Several coats of the origional formula sealer/finish and a final coat of I believe the marine finish (it's a high gloss finish, I'm about 75% it's the marine product). The bottom of the door (bottom molding especially)is dried out and the finish it worn. The damaged areas have an ashy gray color to them. What should I do to repair/protect this area? Can I do it with the door in place? While I had the door finished and installed, I have refinished wood trim and furniture so if possible I would like to take this work on myself.

Thank you!

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Is rain hitting the door at times? It looks like it has occasionally gotten soaked.
There is nothing you can do after the door is assembled to get the joinery water resistant; the pieces need to be prefinished along every surface prior to assembly.
Clear finishes in an outdoor environment always demand scrupulous care and regular maintenance.

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Yes, I think the driving snow we had this year contributed to the issue. So, what can I do?

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