Hard wire to plug in

forboystooMarch 11, 2010

I did a search here first and only found "plug in to hard wire" I wand to turn a hard wire chandelier to plug in ..Is it possible ?? Thanks, Nancy

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Yes. If you go to home depot or similar, look in the lighting department. The will have kits to build your own lights.

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Thanks Billl.....Also, I'm probably going to sound like a dummy, BUT can I cut off an extension cord and wire that to the chandelier ? Hot to hot and cold to cold and just plug that in ?? I'm a real DIY'er with anything NOT having to do with electricity ....Thanks Again

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Light fixtures are typically UL listed and they get that certification by passing certain safety standards. That certification only applies to the fixture as originally manufactured: altering the wiring of a fixture may well make it non-compliant. What you are planning to do may be safe...or it could present a shock or fire hazard depending on: the design of the fixture, what type of wire is needed to handle the heat produced by the fixture, and how the wires are routed by the modification.

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There are a countless number of things I'm glad there are safety regulations for. Building your own lamp isn't one of them.

Yes, you should exercise caution. If you are going to assembly the parts yourself, you'll want to make sure that the components are rated to handle the current your fixture will draw. Power = voltage x current. If you buy any component that won't handle the current easily, it could heat up and cause a fire. Also, you'll need to make sure that all the wire junctions are well contained and won't accidentally energize any part of the fixture.

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Thanks billl and kudzu9
OK, Let's see....
The extension cord that I was going to cut the female end off says no more than 1600 watts to be connected..
The bulbs I'll be using total add up to 75 watts..
The cord from the chandelier is about two feet away from the housing of the fixture..
The extension will be connected with a wire nut for each wire than taped separately with black electrical tape (for aesthetic reasons)
There will be no pull on that connection because it will be swagged..
The light will rarely be used..I know in the whole scheme of things that doesn't matter..
Also it's a new home with GFI outlet ..
Trying to cover all my bases to explain in my layman terms..
So that's my story.Thanks for any comments and recommendations..
Even if the recommendation is to take it to an electrician :)

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Just do the splice in side an enclosure on the chandelier.
It has one to allow the multiple bulbs to be connected to the single down wire.

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