25 year old Andersen

kbardAugust 5, 2012

Our new house is 25 years old and has great Anderson windows and sliding doors throughout. Expensive according to our home inspector. But, I can tell a lot of them leak because the paint around the sill is cracked, and in the case of one window, cracked and pouring like a faucet during a storm ( i put caulk on an obvious gap by a plastic strip on the outside of that window, and now it is fine). But generally all the windows have at least a little bit of pain cracking at the sill, or a few have some slight water stains on the wall. This is a very well built house and I want to know if I should have some professional look at them all and do some maintenance or something. Thanks.

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Post up some pictures if you can. That will get you some more directed feedback.

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