Installing 22 windows and would like advice on 3 quotes

hayjAugust 14, 2010

We are replacing 22 windows in our home, 19 double hung and 3 small basement windows. I'm in Louisville KY. We have had 3 quotes so far

American Windows - ~16000

Air-Tite - ~16000

Window Wise ~7500

As far as models, I'm not 100% sure. I know that Window Wise is part of Earthwise and uses American Window and Glass, not the same American Windows that quoted us a price. The brochure lists the Eclipse. They also said the windows are an alcoa window. Not sure about the spelling. I was under the impression that Air-Tite had their own product.

Right now I'm leaning towards Window Wise, not just for the price. Of the three, they are the only one that offered an itemized pricing of their work, window cost, installation, etc. In fact Air-Tite left with a price on a business card and American Windows didn't even give me anything.

In addition both American and Air-Tite offered a reduction to ~14000 if I made a decision right then. American would offer their higher end Gorell window at this price. If I waited it would be 16000 for their second, lower end product. Air-Tite required a purchase of at least 3 windows on the spot for the price reduction. This alone made me not want to deal with either of them.

We are planning to sell the house in 5-7 years and while I don't think this will add value to the home equal to the cost I do believe it may sell easier. In fact we heard only one complaint with the last house we sold and it was the old windows. We would like to do the windows now and at least benefit some from them before we sell. However I'm wondering how expensive of a window we should invest in if we aren't staying 30+ years.

If I haven't given enough info concerning the models I can call the dealers and get more info. Anybody have any thoughts on this situation? Should I get another quote? I think there has been some negative feedback with Earthwise on this forum before but they have lots of different manufacturers. Thanks.

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At less than $395, I am suspect of the window that they are installing.

As a matter for discussion, you have posted little to no relevant information about the windows. This should be the primary evaluation tool to get to stage two for evaluating the contractor.

I would highly recommend that you take a step back and re start the process.

I copied this from another thread that I posted it in........

I can certainly appreciate the sentiment of a customer that may only be in the home for 5 years before selling it and does not want to overspend. In that application, consumers would be better served by not taking on the expense of a window replacement project when using those type of materials.

Quality does show when you go to sell and home and consumers are well served to use a quality product in their home and have it be a window that will serve the needs of the next homeowner as well.

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Your right. I was at work when I posted and thought I remembered everything. I obviously didn't. 19 Double Hung and 3 Basement windows. Maybe this helps more.

America's Window:

~16000 for Geneva Elite Series
14000 for Gorell 5300 Series-offer only good on the spot


~16000 for their own Window. He didn't leave me with a brochure. I was hoping more informed users here may have known the quality of their window. I believe he said they only had one. Their site seems to support this. No model name there either.
~14000 if I purchased at least 3 windows on the spot.

Window World:

I believe I gave all the info for them.
7500 for Earthwise Eclipse manufactured by American Window and Glass.

Actually I was more suspect of the on the spot decision for a discount more than than the inexpensive price. In some respects I would have a hard time trusting them based on that experience. Your suggesting getting more bids? It seems it would be helpful to get the models before I even had them come out? That way I would have a better chance of getting more quality quotes(in terms of the windows). In that respect I could filter based on the quality of window ahead of time.

I agree with you about selling the home. I have considered just keeping what we have, maybe even refurbishing them or at least seal them better, and offering a window allowance for the next buyer if it comes up. That way they can pay the difference if they choose a more expensive window.

Is this enough info for a better judgement. These are the exact manufacturers and models short of Air-Tite which has their own model that I was hoping the community may have more insight on. Thanks for your reply and help.

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Oh, I should add that the Window Wise quote was originally 8100 but discounted because I was referred through a mutual business acquaintance.
While I'm at it, they claim to set themselves apart by offering more glass in their design. Essentially the outer frame does not protrude out like other windows so the width of the glass stays the same as the old windows. It's my understanding that you lose surface area when you install replacement windows going from older wood windows. Their windows have a custom molding look (like trim work) on the front and they claim to have their own mold used by the manufacturer that offers an additional chamber in the middle portion on the section that meet the edge of the wall to keep it from bowing when it's screw in. They also offer hard coated low E.

Air-Tite claims to have wood inserted in the spaces in the windows. That seemed strange to me.

They where all double pane, low E, argon filled, with lifetime warranties. Window Wise said they offer an additional warranty to the window that covers all breakage even intentional if you got locked out.

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I think the quote maybe reasonable. It depends on the company's overhead. Some window companies have large sales force and all have to get paid. I live in Northern Delaware and knew the manufacturer I wanted to buy from. I called the manf & they gave me a list of their customers. they all wanted the complete job but I called till I got one who ordered the windows for me and informed me that he does installation at less than $100/window. He is in business over 25 years and operates a small family business.

the kicker - he measured, ordered and I paid the manf. directly, and will pay him for installation once complete.

Replacement vinyl window should be 'welded' good R factor and how long the company is in business.

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