You Call this one 'Queen of a Bad Idea'

texaswildSeptember 28, 2008

See - Told y'all I post my mistakes and bad ideas. Here's an example. Have had this mask for ages - from Ross. My friend Becky gives me tons of boxes, lids etc., and I THOUGHT this w/be the right place to put this mask. W.R.O.N.G. Oh, well - can't win 'em all.

Queen of a Bad Idea"

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Whats wrong with it? I love it! Its probly not to your personal tastes, but its fabulous! I love the colors and harlequin design and the mask itself is awesome! The crown!
did you do the work on the mask yourself or was it that way? I repeat, I love it!

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What? I guess you took down the "bad idea" pic...I didn't see anyhing except a beautifuly mosaiced framed mask.
I LOVE it!

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Slow, are you feeling okay? I don't see ANYTHING remotely wrong with this. The design, colors , substrate, crown and all, are just so unique and colorful and fantastic. Great cutting, unusual pieces that just all come together so perfectly. At first, I thought it might be a bit unsettling, but after I looked at it again, it is just another over the top Slow original.
I am sure whoever you give this to, will really appreciate it.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're creativity just knows no bounds.

One of these days, you are going to teach a workshop yourself!!!

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curbdiver1954's the bad idea? Haven't seen you do a "bad" one yet! I really like the placement of the mask and crown (not to mention the colors, wonderful cutting, etc, etc, etc)!! Like Mermaid, I looked at the profile shot a couple of times, but, as I studied it, liked it more and more.


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I too, don't see a dang thing wrong with fact I'm so jealous that I haven't been working on ANYTHING...for soooo long...I did a mask sota like this...I did a medusa theme to it, it was fun!(Except I did it with ceramic dishes and they have froze/moisture/chipped off as it's outside) I really like the eyes being diamond shapes! Klinger just scored some teddy bear eyes at a thrift store we were at...she took advantage of me forgetting to bring my eyeglasses..which I can't see a darn thing without these days!lol!(But she did say she was gonna share!!!)

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Slow, it's don't know a bad idea! LOL

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See - y'all make me feel good even w/my bad stuff. The mask came as is - I didn't do the painting on it. The diamond shapes for the eyes are on the inside - on the board and you see them when you look straight into the face. The crown - I hack-sawed in half a little metal basket - hardest part, and stuck a button cover - the round disc = in the middle of it where I'd cut off a leaf to separate it from the other half. You'll see the rest of it in something else down the road. Y'all are so kind!!!!! Thanks.

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Slow, for heaven's sake. It's another amazing piece from you. I love the colors and methods you used around her and know you could put a pretty price on her and someone would be thrilled to own her.

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Slow, it's another fantastic piece! I can see where it might not be to your taste, but a fantastic piece nonetheless! Like SJG said, "you don't know a bad idea". Good having coffee with you this morning.

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Okay... what didn't you like? its all very nicely coordinated in colors and style... love the crown especially.

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Well - I guess that it just doesn't SAY something to me. I do like assemblages, and thought this was gonna be terrific, but ..... - it just looks tacky to me. Thank, y'all. You're a great bunch of friends. Not feeling very artistic lately, I guess. These pieces usually come in a series, and the one I'm working on now is gonna be "next in the series", I'm afraid.

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I'm with everyone else, looks good to me, though I can see where it's not your usual style. Still very nice piece

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