Wood filler for parawood?

robtishApril 17, 2007

I scratched my unfinished parawood table getting it home from the store. It's deep, and I want to put in some wood filler before I sand and finish it. Two questions:

1. What kind of filler to use? I hear a lot of good things about Timbermate but don't know about other options.

2. Wood fillers are often branded by the type of wood (cherry, red oak, white oak, etc.), but parawood is never on the list. What common would wood be the best match?


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First, realize wood filler, any wood filler will stand out. Even the "stainable" ones, they will take stain but never look like wood. But it may be better than a gouge.

Parawood is bland and I would probably use a "neutral" or "pine" as a starting point.

When I have to use wood fillers, I use Elmer's in a tube. They keep changing the name, last time I think it was "Professional Wood Filler". For larger spots, I use the polyester-based two part fillers (similar to Bondo).

Here is a link that might be useful: Tube

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