XPost - What would be a good finish for this wood?

sapphire6917April 7, 2014

Hi All!

I have finally cleaned the built in closet, formerly known as the bird toilet, but now I don't know what finish to put on it. I know I don't want to stain it but I don't know which finish will really enhance the wood. It looks like it may be three different wood species between the cedar closet, the door and the strip of wood across the top but I know nothing about wood so maybe not. I am also including a shot of the floor to give you an idea what that looks like. The white molding will be stained.

Thanks for your input!!

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There's no simple answer to this question. Or maybe there's lots of different simple answers to this question.

The article linked has a discussion on how to choose.

Here is a link that might be useful: choosing a finish

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That's exactly where I'm stuck, Bobsmyuncle! I'll take a read through the document you linked and hopefully, I can at least narrow down my options!

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i wood use all species

maybe add some ash

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Thanks, Greenthumb! I got a suggestion to use cedar oil, which I didn't even know existed, so I'm going to go with that. I really just wanted to restore the sheen without hiding the grain. I'll post pictures of how it turns out!

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