ARC Protector for bedroom

andrelaplume2March 21, 2012

Recently I was cleaning out a file cabinet and found a home inspector report on our home that mentioned upgrading toward providing ARC protection for the bedrooms would be a good idea.

Around the same time I was watching an episode of HOLMES Inspection where he non-chalantly mentioned adding arc protection to the bedrooms.

What is this arc protection?

Whats involved in getting installed for the bedrooms...something in the fuse box?

What would I expect to pay?


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Here's a bit of basic information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arc Fault info

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If you have a fuse box, then there's nothing you can do. If you have a circuit breaker box, then it's just switching out the breaker for a more expensive one.
Not a lot of money but, even so, probably not worth the hassle and expense for the marginal safety benefit. If you are already having some work done (or if you want to switch them out yourself) go ahead but I wouldn't bother.

If you are having work done on the bedroom circuits then you will probably require them in order to comply with the latest code.

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