Dressed up squirrell feeders

oldcraftySeptember 27, 2011

My son-in-law was throwing away scraps of fence boards..........not for long cause I loaded them up and took them home. I had enough to make 3 squirrell feeders. After they were done I thought they needed a little dressing up! The blue one with the metal squirrells on top will be donated to my GD's school for an auction. The girls in the office at my DD's work wants to place orders! That subject is still being pondered!

The yellow flower one will be donated to a group that sponsors me in the Relay for Life Cancer walk. They do a silent auction to raise money. The 3rd one I still have to mosaic and it will be used for a silent auction at our family reunion. I'll post pics of that one when finished.

I took pics before puttting the gallon jar in place! Sorry about that.

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Look how sweet those are! You aren't just crafty, you're very talented. I couldn't cut a round hole in a piece of wood to save my life. LOL Love the little squirrels on top.

Do you have a problem with mosaic on wood outdoors? I've always heard it cracks apart from the expand and contract of the wood through the seasons.

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good question Loribee....I don't know. I have never mosaiced on wood before. I'm hoping it will hold up being someone will be buying them! Any input on that subject from anyone would be appreciated.

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Their beautiful,but yes when exposed to weather it will began to come off. Wood expands and contracts with heat and cold and the mosaic will began to crumble. But they are beautfiul!! I love them!!!

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They are beautiful!

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