Fan question for an outdoor pergola

mashmasherMarch 1, 2010

Well I got the posts and headers up this weekend. The joists and stripping is next.

I do have a question for you though, i'll double post in the electrical forum. I want to hang a ceiling fan from the joists. I have selected a ul wet listed fan, would this outlet box work for the wet location?

Should I frame up a small box to cover the outlet to protect it from the elements?

Here is a link that might be useful: outlet box

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Absolutely not (: You need a box that is outdoor rated. Use an octagonal weatherproof box, similar to the ones for outdoor outlets except octagonal. It does not hug a joist but mounts beneath them. Can also install a 2x4 between two joists and mount the box to it, making it equal height with the bottom of the joists. That would also accomplish covering the top of the box from direct rain, a 2x6 or 8 would be even better for coverage. You will then need to run EMT conduit with compression fittings or pvc conduit with wet rated wires. UF rated cable without conduit may be suitable but is arguable whether the height makes it suitably protected.

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not only outdoor rated, but the box has to be weatherproof, GFCI, and "while in use" rated.

This means the traditional exterior weatherproof receptacles(outlets) with the hinged covers cannot be used.

You would need something like: As this would meet the code but also allow you an additional means of disconnect.

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huhhh, talking about a ceiling fan here. What does that have to do with receptacles and hinged covers?

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Thanks for the info. I didn't see any weatherproof octangle boxes, I'll look for one local. If I can't find one, would this work?

Here is a link that might be useful: weatherproof box

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Yes, should have them at Depot and just about everywhere with the other outdoor rated boxes.

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Not to split hairs here but are the run-of-mill round outdoor boxes actually rated to hang a fan? Raco says of theirs, "Designed for use as a weatherproof junction box, and may be used with Bell® round cluster covers and round lampholder combinations."

Looks like T&B makes a 4 1/8" round box specifically rated for a 35 lb. fan or 50 lb. fixture. Model #S-47-CFB.

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