Help with staining pine windows to match oak trim

kristine_2009April 5, 2010

We just recently finishing staining all of our oak woodwork. Now we need to do the Pella windows which are made of pine. How do I go about this to achieve a similar color? Would a gel stain or something like polyshades work better than a typical stain? I have been trying to research this but haven't found much. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Gel stain, yes; Polyshades, no. Gel stains work very well on pine because they don't penetrate much and thus avoid blotching (uneven absorption of color due to uneven cellular structure.) Polyshades is a varnish with a lot of pigment. Sort of a halfway point between varnish and paint. It is very difficult to get it on evenly and without streaking.

Realize that the pine will never match the oak as they are radically different grain structures. The best you can hope for is a similar color.

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