Appliance wiring ???

footwedgeMarch 22, 2011

Has anyone wired a Modern Aire liner with either an in-line or roof mounted blower?

Also, the instructions for wiring my GE single/double oven (PT925SNSS)requires a wall mounted JB where the lead-in and whip are spliced before attaching to the oven. I would like to know if it is permissible, if the lead-in cable is long enough, to connect directly to the oven avoiding the splice and JB?

The instructions also allows my existing lead-in to be a 3 cable spliced to a 4 cable if local code approves which mine do. Is there any good reasons to replace my existing 3 cable to a 4 cable?

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Ron Natalie

If the instructions say it is required, it is required. The instructions are quite explicit. You must use their whip and may not shorten or replace it. You must therefore make the connections in an approved junction box.

If you're not otherwise modifying the circuit, you can use the grounded conductor for both the grounded conductor and the equipment ground as specified in the instructions.

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