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loribee2September 5, 2010

So, I've been learning the art of mosaic by practicing on stepping stones. This is my latest.

Though I have a couple books on mosaic, I recently picked up Reader's Digest "The Complete Book Of Mosaics" and it provided me with an Aha! moment. Unlike the other books I have which focus mostly on materials and technique, this one had a section on design which taught me that mosaic is as much about pattern as it is about color. Seems obvious to veterans of the craft, but until I saw the examples in the book (a white egg on a black background, done using several different patterns to show how pattern can effect style) it didn't "click".

I tried to incorporate some of what I learned in this stone, but since I'd already started it using ceramic tiles, it was hard to get the good shapes. And that's another thing: I really like ceramic and porcelain tile for the larger sizes. I love the petals on this flower. But darn! is it hard to cut! And the backs have ridges in them which make it hard to level the tiles once I cut them. I'd really wanted to do something different using 4" tiles by incorporating some of these larger pieces then filling in other areas with small tiles, but I don't know. There's probably a reason people mosaic using the 3/4" tiles, heh!

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Well you l'il heifer!!!!! That's absolutely GORGEOUS. I LOVE your design - every single piece of it. If you're gonna work in those hard-to-cut tiles, do yourself a favor and go get a tile saw. It'll make your life so much easier. Girlie - you've really nailed it on this piece. Go LORI: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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Very pretty !!

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Good job! That is so pretty.

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Great stepping stone! I'll have to look for that book! Sounds like a good one to add to my stack! I just scored a Sheri Warner one that is like the mosaic/armiture/bible to me, what a score too, $2.99...AND I scored one by Fassett at the same place, and same price! What you can find at thrift stores!!! Now I have all 3 of my most coveted books!lol!

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Nicely done! Yes, I think the shape of the pieces makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the piece. I think it's important to pay attention to the shapes, even when you're just using broken pieces of something. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll have to check it out.

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Thanks much, ladies! I really like it, though I'm not sure how well it will hold up in the winter. I used glazed ceramic tiles which I'm told could crack in cold winter areas. I'm crossing my fingers our climate is mild enough for it.

Slowmedown, you're right about cutting the larger tiles. I can do the ceramic no problem, but I can't cut porcelain to save my life. It's also difficult to find tile in small quantities, so my color choices have been limited. I'm thinking I'll probably be forced to move away from playing with these larger tiles, which is kind of a bummer. I really like the effect of mixing the bulky shapes into the overall designs.

Calamity, I'm not sure if the Sheri Warner book you're talking about is Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden. It's the book that started me off on the quest to master the art of concrete and mosaic. I absolutely love her work, and I don't know what it is about concrete, but I find it a really enjoyable medium to work with. Maybe because it's so much like baking (without all the excess calories, LOL)

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very pretty, tfs I am busy nipping china, am not sure what I want to start on, but did buy three fairly heavy birdhouses, with straight lines, so will prob. start on those. also thanks with the book suggestions, am going to half priced books today, maybe I will get lucky!

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