pre-twisting wires

cappo11March 14, 2010

I did a search on this subject but didn't find anything. I noticed in my house that the wires held together by wire nuts are not twisted together (solid wires). Even on these home imp. shows I've seen the electricians hold several wires together and nut them without twisting.

Is this acceptable or is it up to the discretion of the electrician to do it or not? Seems like a wire or two could slip out.

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This topic was the subject of much heated debate in this forum a year or so ago.
The bottom line as I read it:
The code does not specify one way or the other.
Wire nuts are designed so that, when used properly, twisting is not necessary, though twisting is found by some to make the task go smoother.
It is incumbent on the electrician to do a professional, secure installation.

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The installation procedure should be specified by the manufacturer. Here is what Ideal says about one particular series.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ideal

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The code does not specify. Most manufacturers don't require pre-twisting if you read their instructions. In more of a "belt and suspenders" approach I pre-twist believing that the connection should be mechanically secure before the wirenut goes on.

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I'm not an electrician, but in my experience....

It is pretty easy to get a secure connection with a wire nut on 2 wires. I usually pre-twist still, but I'd be comfortable either way.

If there are 3+ wires, if I don't pre-twist, it seems like about half the time they are just slightly bent or misaligned or for whatever reason don't want to go nicely into the wire nut. If I take the couple seconds to pre-twist, it just goes smoother. Also, I've found that the wires are easier to nicely fold back into the box that way. I'd definitely recommend DIY'ers pre-twist for that benefit alone.

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I don't know why I am getting into this. I usually pre-twist wires and trim the end off even. This is just me. However, if joining solid and a stranded wires, I never pre-twist.

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