Blinds 2" vs. 2-1/2 " and wood vs. faux wood

nandakumarAugust 20, 2012

Hi, we got a quote for white faux wood blinds for 14 windows for $1500 for 2" and $2040 for 2-1/2", which is about 35% more than quote for 2" blinds.

Could you please let me know whether 35% higher price is worth for 2-1/2" faux blinds.

Also, which is better, real wood or faux wood.


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Debbi Branka

We have 2" white faux wood from Home Depot. They cut them to fit. We've had them for 3 years and we love them! We probably spent $600 on the entire house (2 floors). Not sure about the higher price for 2.5" - sorry. The faux wood will not warp and we're really happy with it.

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35% seems like a lot. The main difference is the 2 1/2 inch will have more space between each slat therefore giving you a less obstructed view.
Real wood is lighter and has less of those strings (Ladders) that go through each slat. It generally has more colors options but will cost much more. The faux woods are heavier and have more ladders since they are heavier. I think they hold up better to moisture without warping and cost considerably less.

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