Under cabinet lighting junction box

jo_22nashuaMarch 11, 2010

I am currently rennovating my kitchen and tring to install under cabinet lights. I have purchased the GE flourescent lights that are linkable. The lights come to be plugged into an outlet, however you can buy a junction box to make them hard wireable. Here is the junction box http://www.jascoproducts.com/products/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=326&idcategory=40 . So, what I want to do is run romex from the kitchen light circuit and pop through the back of the upper cabinet into this junction box. The junction box would be mounted on the underside of the cabinet, and for the most part be out of sight. My question is, the light circuit is a 120V 15amp circuit, but the junction box has a electrical rating of 240V 10 amps. Since you can only connect the flourescent lights to this junction box and they will not draw more than 10amps is this OK. Thanks.

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Youll be fine.

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