polyurethane around window frames

lam702April 12, 2014

All the windows and wood trim in my house are stained and polyurethaned. Every couple of years, I see areas around the window where the poly finish is flaking and peeling. I usually sand, wipe it down then apply a fresh coat of poly. But then, a couple of years later it starts to flake again. I am thinking that I am not doing enough prep to make the poly adhere well. This time I thought I would clean with crud cutter, sand, then wipe down with something - but what? Denatured alcohol? Mineral spirits? I am not sure of the best way to do it so it adheres better. I don't think its a moisture problem, there is no mold or dampness. Suggestions?

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Quit using poly, it is a terrible choice for trim that gets any sun.

Use a oil based varnish(non poly) instead.

Simply sand all the old flaky stuff off and follow the varnish manufacturers directions. Probably means about three coats.

You can get foam brushes at a dollar type store that are about a quarter or less each or throwaway bristle brushes for a buck and a half.

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Wow, so I've been using the wrong stuff all this time! Any particular brand of varnish you recommend?

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Just buy it at a real paint store---Sherwin Williams/etc.

Reason? You get the fresher stock . Many finishes have a shelf life and do not work as designed past that time.

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