Lesson- How to cut china into HEART shapes!

mangomoonSeptember 28, 2007

I have decided to let the cat out of the bag. Have you ever seen the prices on eBay for hearts cut from china plates? Highway robbery if you ask me. Sellers charge as much as $12.50 for 3, and up to $24.00 for a lot of them. There is no secret if you ask me. You don't need any fancy tool other than a basic tile nipper.

First of all, the china you cut will have alot to do with whether or not you 'make it, or break it'. I do not recommend fine bone china, as it shatters.

The focals you want to cut should be in the center of the plate. If there is a footer, and there will be on bowls, not so bad on regular plates, you have to cut as you normally would to remove the footer. Once on the inside you cut out the center.

Next you take a felt pen (red, green or blue), but do not use a Sharpie, as it may not come off. You draw a heart shape, any size you want. You can also use the lid to a very small Valentine candy box, or a cookie cutter in any shape you want, to draw your line. It doesn't have to be heart shaped.

Now that you have drawn your shape, be careful not to touch the ink so it doesn't rub off. Use your tile nippers to carefully cut the shape. When you get to the top where it is a little harder to shape (this is usually where you make it or break it), you use the TOP part of your nippers and cut opposite from how you would normally cut if you have them in your hand. In other words, instead of clockwise, go counter clockwise. Go slowly, this will give you more control.

Now that you have cut out your heart, wipe off the ink, or wash your tile in water, dry, then you use sand paper (I prefer fine texture) and sand away the edges so that it is smooth and not crooked all the way around. You should now have a very nice smooth shape, ready to use in a project.

My hearts are Shabby as you can see, but blue willow plates, geometric pattern and solid dark colors would also look great in heart shapes.

Mango Moon

Here is a link that might be useful: china hearts

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Great info Mango..
Nicethyme does gorgeous hearts with her ring saw.
Check out this old thread!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hearts

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Mango, your hearts are very pretty. Thanks for the lesson!

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Bama: Ohhhh I LOVE the blue hearts and the bracelet. Just gorgeous! I haven't tried anything in blue yet, but tempted. I have a blue willow plate just waiting to be cut....Mango

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Wow Mango, looking at those looks like you used a saw! They are perfect! I will have to try it now, and I guess if it breaks, you just put it back together as you are gluing like I do my circles that break! I hadn't even thought of doing that!!! When the brain is nearly gone, thank goodness for you guys! Jennie

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Boy - those look familiar ! LOL .... Nice cut out about 60 or 70 of them - sent them to me to foil them and have them gold plated to use for charm bracelets. That was her Ring Saw project.

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those are very pretty Mango, what size are they?

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Nicethyme: The 3 to the left are about 2", the one with the rose is 3" (at the widest point), and the strawberry, which I have had for awhile and no project for it, is more like 3.5" I also have 2 very large ones that are 4.5".

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I bet I couldn't do that without using my ring saw!!! Good job and great explanation!

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My "heartfelt" thanks for posting this information! I am saving it in my file. I have been stashing some dishes, will have to try this. Your work is so nice!

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Thanks, MANGO - for the tutorial. Everyone has their own style. I've never seen anything like NT's method - that girl can get more out of a plate than anyone I've EVER seen. I DO like your method for those that don't have a ring saw. Just beautiful.

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Thanks Mango, I'll have to try that myself.

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Heck I struggle with nipping triangles, I doubt very much that I could cut hearts by hand and get anywhere close to what you have made. Nice Job, that took serious control and patience

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I would like to learn how to make the china hearts and where to find the supplies. Please email me with your samples and directions. I tried the links above and there were no photos and the names were discontinued. My email is highhopescavaliers@embarqmail.com Thank you so much.

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No pix for me??

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I cannot see any photos of the hearts and I would love to see a video or step by step photos of someone making the hearts and finishing them off until you can make them a charm. Please tell me exactly what supplies and tools I wil need. Thanks, Cheryl highhopescavaliers@embarqmail.com

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