finish for kitchen cabinets that will last!

dlr98004April 27, 2010

I am debating purchasing beaded inset raised panel cherry cabinets from a local cabinet maker and a highly respected cabinet company. Right now, the finish is a big deal. Cabinet company uses a 3 coat, baked on finish with a lifetime warranty. Local cabinet maker uses MagnaMax High Performance Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer. How will the pre-cat lacquer hold up over time? I have been to two neighbors whose cabinets are completely peeling near the kitchen sink and near the stove after just 5 years. Another neighbor with cabinets from the Cabinet Company has had no problems. All three have active families and use/abuse kitchen equally!

I love working with my local cabinet maker, but a finish that fails after just 5 years is a deal breaker.

I would LOVE your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks! Diane

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If a factory finish is applied by the proper method, it is hard to beat. On the other hand, a good catalized finish, applied properly, is very durable. The operable word here is "properly". I've seen a lot of crews that do cabinet finishes for GC's and what most of them do is stain if necessary, and spray two coats of n/c lacquer, then leave. They are not concerned about the finish lasting five years. If your cabinet maker applies at least three coats of finish, according to the directions printed on the can, the finish should be very good. A standard pratice for me is I provide the customer with a large board (not small)or a door, completely finished, as their cabinets will be finished, and have them sign off on the finish. That eliminates a lot of problems that might later come up, the customer knows exactly what they are getting, and they have an example for comparison. I apply a minimum of three coats or more, never just two. If your cabinet person does this, the finish will be durable. If not, opt out.

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The finish I'm talking about is a pre-catalized lacquer like your cabinet man is talking about. Should be a very durable finish.

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