Maintaining a Mahogany door

stir_fryiApril 22, 2008

A few years ago we bought a solid mahogany front door (pre-finished) and sidelights from "". It is a beautiful door but not very practical for us.

The door gets Eastern exposure (we are in SE Michigan) but we have very little over-hang above it. Over the years, it has warped to the point where you can feel cold air coming in the bottom of the door in the winter and also has several cracks (about 5" long) on the door surface.

We have a brand new door (same one) in the garage in the packaging. The company replaced the door due to the cracks even though they said it is was somewhat our fault for not having an overhang. Our plan is to hang the new door someday when we want to sell the house.

Anyhow... my questions.... The door is dusty and a little dirty. What should I clean it with? Is dishsoap and water good?

Secondly, do you think we should fill in the cracks with some sort of wood filler to make it look better?

Should we bother putting some sort of varnish on the door after washing it or is it too little too late?

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Your talking about cleaning the existing door (not the replacement). If it's finished a little soap and water isn't going to hurt anything. Don't get crazy and use a power washer.

Definitely fill the cracks to keep water from getting in there. Give it several coats of a good quality exterior finish. Just clean it up, go over it with some fine sandpaper, wipe off any dust, and finish.

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