Where's the Throne? Can't find it

cathyscacheSeptember 1, 2009

I wanted to see an update on Calams throne and can't find the thread..Help I wanna see what's happin!!!!!

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Hey Cathy...been rearranging my albums and deleted said pics, but this is it as of yesterday...took me 2 hrs of cutting to get thru these toilet shards...with a brand new $100 blade on the saw!!! I am rethinking my 1/2inch choice of tesserae!!!lol! That is some thick porceline!! Anyhoo, here it is laying on it's back, I even put the crown and horns on to get a feel of where I'm goin' with this!!!lol!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lookin' great, Calamity. I went looking for it too and saw that the photos had been deleted. Toilet shards? LOL

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It's lookin' GOOD Calam....Wow it's gonna be amazing..Thanks for posting again I just looked and looked....This is gonna be one Majestic piece of ART!!!! Keep those pics coming please....

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Whew, I thought I had left the plantet unawares!
Thanks for reposting, and by the way, THAT IS JUST TOO COOL!

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Ahem - cough cough - er uh - CALAM!!!! Are you working on that project??????????? King Richard needs it, and I WANT TO SEE IT FINISHED.

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