Another Commission Turned Gift - a Mask

texaswildSeptember 28, 2008

My friend Jan requested I make a mask for a Christmas present for her twin sister Ann. We were taking the usual house tour to show the new things Ann hadn't seen since her last visit, which was during the Riana workshop, and Ann had admired the mask hanging on my den wall. What can I say - can't charge a friend. Here 'tis.

Jan's Gift

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Sooo cool! I am always in awe of the color combo that you use. Your pieces are always so vibrant!

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nice mask, what kind of mask did you use?
very colorfull and pretty
i'm the same way, can't bring myself to charge a relative or a friend for anything. sometimes they will just pay for the materials

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Wow! This is AMAZING!! You create such wonderful don't plan, do's just that magic gene you have? Wish you could spare me a drop of that...just a drop and I'd be happy! Very, very nice, Slow!

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Another STRIKING Slow creation!!! Wozer!! I hear the drums banging and teh dancing all around. Just love it. Incredible use of color and design. What a great idea for the nose!! LOL, so so cool and inspiring.

Your friend is one lucky person. Ditto what everyone else says, You are so very very talented

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At first glance, I thought it was the guy who lights up! But this is an african mask guy isn't he? You've used handles in so many ways now!! COOL!

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Thanks, y'all. It was a metal mask like the very first one I made and sold. I THINK I got them at TJMax or Ross - can't remember. This is the third one, and I hope noone else wants one cuz this one was boring to do. CINDI - I don't plan ANYTHING. Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me - you have a warehouse full of drops of the same stuff of which you speak. I LOVE your work!!!!!

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Slow, what a fabulous mask! It's amazing to me that you said you got bored doing this. I love the headdress and how the beads come down under the eyes from there. I think it's incredible, and I'm not usually a fan of masks. Great work from a great artist!

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Oh, this is gorgeous, I love everything about it! Question: what do you use for adhesive when working with metal as a substrate? I was unsure if I could use a metal substrate. I've seen some interesting metal objects, but didn't buy them because I was not sure if it could be mosaiced.

Anyway, I can't say enough how much I like this one! I keep goin' back to take another look, and just love the colors and shapes you used.

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She picked it up yesterday, and oooohed and ahhhhhed, so I think it was a hit. DAISEY: Thanks. GC - thank you too. On the other two masks I've done, and other metal work, I used GEII, but since I seldom use that stuff anymore, I just used Aleen's Quick-Dry glue - works fine. I like Aleen's better on most things than Weldbond, cuz it drys more quickly.

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SLOW! Tell ANN and JAN that I said HELLO! I miss all of you, every time I think of all the fun we had in Texarkana! Sure wish I could join you in PV!

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W/do, LADY: They are such a pair. Yes, it WAS a fun workshop, and I sooooooo wish you could go to PV. If you think the TX workshop was fun, multiply that by a thousand, and you'll know why I'm committed to going every year. Save your money for next year.

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Wow, I can't believe I didn't comment on this!! I love it!! Glad to hear she did , too!!

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