I need urgent help, transfer switch and 2 loads

tundrawolfMarch 22, 2011


I live in a town where we have had a power outage for 2 days. We bought a 8kW generator and a 6 circuit transfer switch.

The problem is, the electrical here is out of the ordinary.

I have one mains box with a 200A main breaker, that feeds two 100A breakers. One 100A breaker feeds the home, the other goes off and feeds two trailers, one of which has several freezers and refrigerators that keep meat for a food ministry for the homeless.

Now that I have studied the mains box, if I tap into that box and power it, it will give us all normal power. However, the 220V output of the generator is only 33.3A. That is fine for the house, but the refrigerators and the house will overload the 220V output. The 110V output is 66 amps.

How do I get power from the 220v to the mains box, and then 110v power to the trailers?

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Unless you can afford some very pricey transfer equipment, I recommend getting a second generator for the trailers. Install the 6 circuit switch out there for the freezer circuits. At the house, install another small transfer switch with a separate generator for the house loads. Sending power from one generator to the house and the trailers would require a 200 amp rated transfer switch that would basically switch the whole main over.

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By the time you can get proper transfer gear installed your power is likely to be back on anyway. Decide which of the premises is most important, move your generator near same, and use extension cords.

Or consider having a neighborhood BBQ...

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