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wild_thingAugust 3, 2009

So most of you know that I have not been getting along with my SD.

Well, friday she finally snapped out of whatever funk she was in, and decided her bedroom wasn't that great to hang out in all the time (that was her choice btw).

Well, I took dh back to work after lunch, and noticed that sd was not at work yet. Just figured that she worked a later shift or something.

I came back and was feeding the little kids, and the phone rings...I didn't answer cuz I didn't recognize the number and I was helping the baby eat his lunch anyway, it wasn't important. The answering machine picked up as sd came flying up the stairs...it was her work. She was supposed to have been at work 10 minutes ago.

I heard her tell them that she was waiting for her clothes to dry. lol...oooooh those would be the clothes she put in the washing machine last nite. lol.

Well, five minutes later she is asking me for a ride to work. I just told her no.

Not my problem she is late.

I knew that at some point she would need my help like this and she never once thought of that. Over a week of treating me like sh** on a stick and I am just supposed to drop everything and take her late butt to work.

No absolutely not.

Sorry, not my problem you are late for work because you washed your uniform late last nite and left it in the washing machine over nite and forgot to put it in the dryer this morning while you were dinking around.

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Good for you! Kids need to learn responsibility for their actions! You treat people poorly and they are not going to bail you out! You forget to dry your clothes and your going to be running late.

My sd kept leaving her new bike outside. We kept telling her to put it in the garage after riding it because it could get stolen. There have been some incidents like that in our town. So last time she left it out dh reminded her twice to put it in the garage. She did not do it. So when she was in her room I moved it to the backyard. Then I went upstairs and asked her if she put it away...she said "I was just about to..." (YA RIGHT!)

She went outside and her bike was gone! She gasped and looked all over the front yard and down the block. No bike! She moped and finally told us it was gone and we told her that we have warned her that could happen. Next day we gave her back her bike. Hasn't left it out since!

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I second the "Good for you". SD has been treating me like total sh** also. She asked her dad for a sleepover & he told her if she was nice 2 me! And who do you think does the sleepovers? I told him no way was I "paying" her to be respectful. He could do the sleepover!!! Let's see how that goes!

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I know it was a good learning moment for her lol. She was like 40 minutes late for work. It was afternoon! All that staying up late and sleeping late too lol.

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good lesson. it wasn't even morning? it is not like she accidentally overslept. she'll learn.

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