Help! Need assistance with a different urethane!

chellamaralApril 29, 2013

Our banquette seating and open shelving was built to match our existing cherry cabinets. Ive had to custom mix various stain colors as the birch doesn't take as red as the cherry. I finally tweeked and very happy with result....

Now come the first coat of Varathane Spar Urethane oil based clear satin...OMG! Very streaky and too shiny! I'm ruining my work! I've used a wipe on poly that was better than this! I'm stopping until I can get some recommendations for a different product. My dad highly recommended Zip Guard, but it wasn't readily available. I now have to sand this mess off, I see lots of bumps from dust/lint disappointed

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If it's streaky and shiny ... you didn't stir it enough. The part that gives the matte finish settles to the bottom.

Stir it until it's evenly milky, and stir frequently as you apply it.

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"Stir it until it's evenly milky, and stir frequently as you apply it. "

But do not shake it or make bubbles while stirring.

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Remember to use an expensive brush, you may need to apply a couple coats to get a good coverage.

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