Sash Replacements? Tax Credit?

brtedAugust 17, 2009

I was wanting to get more efficient windows in my house. I have the original pane windows from 1960 with some ugly storm windows in some places. I had a contractor come to give me an estimate and he said I could save a lot by just replacing the sashes and glass rather than the whole window, but I wouldn't qualify for the tax credit.

So I have a couple of questions. First, does anyone know if sashes can qualify for the tax credit? From what I have read, Energy Star doesn't rate sashes, but if the manufacturer can provide NFRC ratings that meet, then the Energy Star thing doesn't matter (doesn't matter anyway after July 1).

Second, I'm still looking to get a couple of more bids, so if anyone knows a good contractor in the Atlanta area, please let me know.

Also any comments or direction on what I'm doing are welcome. Thanks.

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You cannot qualify for the tax credit with just the sashes and/or glass. The rating must be for the entire window unit including the frame. This prevents a manuf. from producing a poor quality window and then just putting a good piece of glass in it. Part of the U-factor has to do with air infiltration. Therefore, unless the entire unit is tested, it can't qualify.

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