electric water heater keeps tripping circuit box

goldensmomMarch 21, 2010

I have a 7 month old Rheem that started tripping the circuit breaker box this past week. This happens after use of a bath or shower. I have it set at 110 degrees. This is a 50 gal replacement from a 80 gal. Is this a plumber or an electrician problem?

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Gray area.

Since it didn't do this from the day it was installed, it is unlikely that it is actually wired wrong. Therefore, a component has failed (I'm guessing top heating element as shorted internally). It's two screws, two wires, and a big nut.

Either is qualified to find the problem and replace it, but the plumber is more likely to already have a replacement in stock, so I personally would aim this at the plumber.

Re-reading your original post, it's 7 months old, there's probably a warranty, so call back whoever installed it (most likely a plumber).

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