how to bypass dimmer in sconce

tsknMarch 15, 2014

For the past 9mo I had no problem with a dimmable wall sconce (two lights) that uses two 12V halogen bulbs and a transformer. One of the lights buzzed and then failed but I fixed the buzzing and illumination after replacing the transformer and wiggling the lampholder.....but it only worked for two days. Now both lights are out. I don't know why it's failing, since I wired it well and nothing seems to be visibly problematic. Is it possible to bypass the dimmer/transformer and have the light just be on/off on the same dimmable knob?

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The only thing you could do would be to take out the dimmer and install a normal switch

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Halogens get very hot. Wiggling the lampholder suggests that heat damage has occurred and poor contact is the result. At this point, every component of that fixture is a suspect.

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So after more troubleshooting it looks like the lampholder and transformer are shot on the original bad side. The other light works again after changing the bulb. Can I assume that all the wiring is fine and all I need to do is replace the bad lampholder and transformer? Thank you in advance.

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So I'm trying to replace the lamp holder. After stripping the wire to attach it to the new lamp holder, I see the color of the wire is dark instead of silver. Does this mean that that wire is bad and needs to be replaced?

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