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urleeApril 13, 2010

I have a Toolkraft model 500A11 bandsaw.

Does anyone here know what size blade it takes?

I can't get it to saw straight ever since I replaced the blade years ago and it sat for 20 years taking up space.

I want to use it or toss it out. I think I replaced it with a smaller size blade as that was the only blade this store had and was wondering if that is the reason it wants to curve all the time when I try to saw straight?


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Is the blade cutting a curve or not parallel to the fence?

Many band saws do not cut parallel to a 90 degree fence.

Is the blade tensioned correctly?

Blade guides adjusted?

Whatever it has for a thrust bearing behind the blade adjusted correctly?

The tires (rubber layer) on the wheels may be hardened up and need to be replaced.

There are any number of books on tuning up bandsaws to get them running correctly.

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Look up the phone number of Suffolk Machinery. They make Timberwolf band saw blades and only do orders over the phone. Reason being that way the knowlegeable reps can make certain you get the correct blades for what you need.

They will have the size required by your saw, or be able to tell you how to measure and get the size.

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Thank you's.

Wow, "lottsa" things to have to know.
The blade is cutting a curve. (no fence)
Do not know about tension. My guess is it is too tight.

It sawed OK (straight) until I had replaced the blade 20 years ago. Being it wouldn't saw straight, I just pushed it aside until now. I do remember of the blade being a smaller (tighter) fit so was wondering if that could make it curve opposed to sawing straight.

I just got an answer from a place I emailed to asking the size which they said to be 60".
I may buy a 60" and try getting it to saw straight. If I can't-----------you guessed it!

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Any band saw with a blade 60 inches long is going to be along term problem.

How big are the wheels? [diameter]

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I shall get back to you tomorrow. Hang in there.

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Here are the pictures of it.
Wheel measures 9¼" across. Didn't measure diameter around.


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"Wheel measures 9¼" across."

Ouch. That baby is not going to have very long blade life with small wheels like that.

If you remove the blade tension you can use a tape measure around the wheels to get a decent measure of blade length.

Measure the distance again with the tension as high as you can get it (without a blade installed) to see how much room you have for error in the length.

If you are sure of the blade length Olsen and a numbner of other companies produce custom length.

I would not be surprised if the tires are hardened enough to cause tracking problems.

Older tires are actual rubber.
Newer synthetics are better and do not have the hardening issues.

You may have to make tires.

The hardest part is cutting the scarf joint uniformly to get a strong enough joint that remains flat.

I had an older large bandsaw that required a pair of 14-inch tires to make a single tire up.

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You sound like a "doctor" in which one would have to have a degree in knowing the technology of such.

I am not blonde, but I am a female if you know what I mean. (smiles)

Easier to just give it away?

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Thank you for educating me.

I went out and took another look at that beast and noticed the rubber like band around the wheel that the blade rests on is off a ¼ of an inch in one spot. I wonder if that interferes with the path of the blade to where it gets thrown off in keeping a straight cut?

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There is absolutely no reason that saw cannot be rehabilitated and become a usable machine. It is a very light duty machine.

The cost to do so will probably be more than the saw will ever be worth, however.

You will need to get new tires, which will be available at Suffolk. You will need to determine if the bearings in the two wheels are usable. You will also need to make sure the two wheels are coplaner(a fancy term for being lined up with each other).

Those areas plus blade tension all affect the operation.

Talk to the folks at Suffolk, explain your problems and they will recommend the correct parts and tell you the total price. Look up on Google or in a bandsaw book how to measure/determine how to measure for coplaner and see if you can adjust the wheels.

What you may find is that the cost of upgrading will be as high as buying a used 14" bandsaw, most of which are worth upgrading.

I bought a 12" band saw several years ago for $80 that is a bit bigger than yours. I spent $160 buying new tires, 3 blades, and a fence. I don't need resaw capabilities, so for $260, I have a bandsaw that works quite well.

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brickeyee and handymac,

I want to THANK you both for being so kind to take the time to help me with your much valued to the point answers.
I shall look into this to see what works out.


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