Wiring on Old Appliances

DDplusMarch 25, 2014

I have some old appliances (mixmaster, sewing machine, lamp) from the 60s and 70s. They all work, but how do I know if they're safe electrically?

They look to be in good shape, without any fraying or damage to the plugs or cords, but they all have the original wiring and none of them have three-prong or polarized plugs.

Does the age alone mean that these should all be rewired? Should I get an electrician to look at them to determine if they're safe, or is there some way to test them on my own? How long does wiring last before it needs to be replaced? These were really well made appliances and I would love to use them again.

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Ron Natalie

If the wiring is in good condition (places to look are near the plug and where it enters (and inside) the appliance, then it's probably OK. Wiring isn't typically perishable and a visual inspection is telling.

The lack of a grounded plug also doesn't necessarily mean anything. Obviously any fraying or cracking of the cords or inadvertent shocks (other than static electricity) should be looked into. Most appliances should not have exposed metal connected to either side of the cord.

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Thank you. What I can see of the cord is definitely sound, but I'll have to take a look at them to see if I can open them up and get a look at the inside.

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Just be sure the Mixmaster is plugged into a GFI outlet in the kitchen and you are not standing or sitting in a puddle with the other two.

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I guess that eliminates outdoor sewing when it's raining, darn.

We've got plenty of GFI outlets in the kitchen, and I will make sure I use one of them when using the mixer - thanks!

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