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fivefootmenaceAugust 15, 2013

So I'm hoping this forum will be helpful with brainstorming some
Solutions for my window/siding problem. My husband and I recently replaced replacement windows that weren't done properly. In the process we had to replace a significant amount of framing and plywood on the house because of rot. Since our house was covered in some bizarre very breakable composite, we are left with a house that is now the block's eyesore. Since we didn't budget the additional work with replacing the windows and never intended on siding the house anytime soon we're left trying to find a solution.

We have an uncle who did siding for a living who offered to help. So we've been saving for the material cost. We just found out he has to go to Germany for a whole for work and won't be able to help. Since we've gone one winter with the house exposed I don't want to go another. My husband is very discouraged and I'm just trying to help him not feel so overwhelmed with the whole project.

Sooo my question to all of you is...what is an alternative to having the windows capped. My father is very handy and has renovated many properties but the detail work was never his thing. We currently just have the windows installed with just a piece of wood calked to cover the gaps until my uncle was able to come and help. I see some products made of plastics and composites and even a certainteed product called j-pocket. Would any of these help with trimming out the windows? What are some solutions other than aluminum capping which is really intimidating for my husband to tackle?

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Windows on Washington

Can you post up some pictures?

That would help us visualize what you have going on and what might be an applicable solution.


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Sorry it took so long for the photos. In the photo you can see where we covered part of the house with the cheap cedar shakes just to protect it a little from the elements. My husband put a thin piece of wood around the edges of the window and caulked that to also cover any gaps. We plan on covering the house with fanfold before siding to A. Avoid ripping down the existing siding and B. give the house a little extra insulation (our has was never insulated properly). With the addition of the fanfold the strip my husband placed around the window won't be wide enough and there will be a gap. How do we approach the windows? I see a product that is thick vinyl casing that looks great in pictures, but I don't know if that would be a solution. Or should my husband just build out wood trim? Or is there another solution out there that we're just not seeing because this isn't something we usually so?

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Here is another photo to get an idea of just one of the sides of our house and why we are the ugly house on the street lol

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Another close up (so I can only post one at a time)

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I'm afraid my recommendation would be to call a pro. That looks like a real mess, and by the looks that siding could possibly contain asbestos.
Any of composite trim products available would install in the same way that wood trim would. They could certainly be used, but from what I see you have more work here than just slapping on some new trim boards.

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Are you recommending a pro because you think it's asbestos? It does look like it is, but it isn't we've looked into it.

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