BTU rating on windows

melmark4August 26, 2010

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a new question on the same problem. Had a window salesperson come out. Sat through the presentation. He used a BTU meter and a heat lamp on his window compared to ordinary glass and on a double pane and mine. Remember my collapsed class were fixed. The meter was set for 400. Ordinary glass read 400. Then double pane and the meter read like 320. His window read 40. My repaired windows read 400. A brand new window I receivied from Anderson read 240. Anderson refuses to replace the widows stating their fix for the collapsed glass is all they will do and need to do. Should not my windows have the same btu reading as the new window? Still get condesation on the windows Having curtains or blinds don't seem to make a difference.

Thanks for your help.

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Ah the classic "amazing BTU" heat lamp demonstration. Amazingly set up so the glass he is selling has astronomically better ratings than the "garbage" he is comparing it to... Sorry ramblings of a window replacement guy that doesn't partake of silly demonstrations.

To your questions: It sounds like your Andersen windows have some low e on them b/c they are blocking to a 240. However, there are varying levels of Low E and some block better than others. In addition, argon gas in the air space will reduce the heat transfer even more. The glass he was showing you likely had a Low E 366 with argon gas filled airspace. This will get you the best ratings. The Andersen windows likely have a Low e 272 and no argon. They are cutting heat transfer by half so there is some efficiency going on there.

Sorry to hear you are getting the stonewall from Andersen. Not sure what the collapsed glass issue is (didn't see the last post), but I would dig deeper on the issue. Find someone higher up the chain and see if you can get a resolution.

As far as condensation goes: if you are seeing condensation on the roomside of the glass, you have a humidity issue within the house that you need to resolve. If condensation is occurring between the glass, you have a seal failure option that Andersen needs to resolve.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Antonio Windows and Doors

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lol, I did not realize the old "tinmen" still tried this approach

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