flagtruckSeptember 13, 2008

Here is a pic of one of my big gourds that I started yesterday and I can't seem to put down my nippers! This thing is very addicting. I have the other one ready to start too, it will be red and purple. This is so much fun figuring out the next segment. You will also see a horizontal pot I finished this week using Oceana glass. This pot has been laying around for a while and now it is dressed and if it ever stops raining will be grouted..we are presently in the aftermath of Ike...but he too shall pass....

Here is a link that might be useful: Large gourd

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That looks like a really big gourd. I love the design you are doing. I think your gourds are sooo cool. Can't wait to see more.

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This is so pretty! I need a BIG dose of whatever you use to get your inspiration!! Your color and pattern combinations are always so fun to see!!


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Carol, these are gawwwgeous! The design looks painted on!

DH showed me a big calabash gourd just this morning that he's grown, and asked if it was big enough for a martin house. I definitely think so, and yours will be an inspiration late winter when they are dried.

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thanks you guys. Ronnie, I let mine dry for about 10 months, only because I didn't know what I was going to do with them. I now have about 20 small ones like dipper gourds that a friend gave me yesterday. When this hurricane IKE quits the rain I will attempt to hang them in the mower room for the winter.
Lady I appreciate your applause. I will try to keep working on it.
Curb- You have a good eye and I love your work. I play with a sketchpad in the evenings while watching tv and come up with a lot of my designs. Of course, I change things a lot when I start doing them. A lot depends on the tess that catches my eye as I move on. One thing about the gourds being round is I can only design the front and then it is pot luck on around the guy.
I am attempting to work in some of the tess from the exchange, so far I have some that Fern sent me worked in the yellow this morning. I will try to post that tonight.
It is fun.
Thanks all of you.

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I NEED whatever brand of Wheeties you're eating!!! WOWSERS! It's all WONDERFUL!!! SUPER WONDERFUL!!! I GOTTA start saving my paychecks instead of buying glass so I can come see these gorgeous creations in person!!! Klinger and I are plotting!!!lol!

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Flag, that is AWESOME!!! I just love all of your color combinations!! This one is gonna be a real beauty!!! Wow, I should would love to go through a tour of your yard !! it must be fab!!

Been thinking about a tutorial for painting the tiles you did for the exchange??

Oh, where did you get those two cool go rounds you have your tools in back of the gourds??? Those look really handy!!

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wow Flag, that is gonna be gorgeous!

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I may be new here, but I already feel spoiled. The way you share your work leaves me inspired and empowered.
From the "back of the class", I think your presentations are great!! Thanks for taking the time Carol!

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Thanks all, Mermaid those tool holders are actually paint brush holders from Michaels I think. I have several of them I got a long time ago. I use one for brshes, one for colored pencils and one for tools. I also have a wooden tool holder that my son made me after I saw one for sale online about half the size and much dinero. I will take a pic of it later. I have been thinking about the tutorial on the tile painting and I will get it done soon. The problem being laying it all out to show the various steps. I am downloading some more wip pics of the gourd that I will post soon. Kate- I sometimes do my tiles all different angles to increase interest. I sort of sketch the design out and then add the diagonal lines before I start. Of course, I usually don't follow my design. I make it up as I go. lol Thanks all

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Here is what I accomplished today. Still a lot to do. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Today's progress

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Beautiful!!! Now I'm wishing I'da looked for oceana glass at the sale I was at yesterday! Sheesh, you are Really givin er!!!

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Go on ebay and go to stores, search for wholesale mosaics. Only place I know to get Oceana. They don't make it anymore.

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That is crazy! I am constantly amazed at how such disparate patterns and colors come together so harmoniously. Can't wait to see it when it is done- and I love the other stuff in your portfolio.

(the novice sneaks off to continue perusing the site)


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What more can be said about this little beauty. Anxious to see you do the wavy part on top. Wish I could do what you do in design work. It's so original and done so neatly. Combinations, placement, textures, colors are those of a real pro.

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Wowee! How fun is THAT? Did you use those pieces of the plates you needed for your other project before or after you finished those two pieces you were doing that needed it? Of course I've been away for four days, so you probably finished those pots and did this TOO since I left. You are something else!

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That is so cool Flag. I love the mille!! I'm still looking at the stuff you sent me and wondering how to do it justice

The gourds are awesome!!

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