jill1273August 5, 2011

I am so tired of getting ripped off in the end..I just want to see if this quote sounds about on the mark..

Soft Lite Bainbridge..10 vinyl windows with Low E and Argon..$3800 I live in the Northeast.. Window energy rating are also good..(.29)..Any feedback is greatly appreciated...Thanks

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Without anymore details than that, it's impossible to say.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Sounds low to me actually.

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So low is good right? What more details?

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You could start by disclosing what style of window they are such as double hung, picture, casements etc. Then you could provide some details such as what glass package you are looking at. Softlite offers 3 different double pane and 3 triple pane. From there you could give a few details like the type of spacer, whether it includes grids, what the windows that are being removed are made from, sizes, colors, what type of insulation the contractor is using to seal the jambs, whether it includes cladding the exterior, what kind of labor guarantee is included...you know, the sort of details that affect the price.

I also have to ask, how is it you think you keep getting ripped off when you haven't even purchased anything yet?

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Ok..double hung..double pane, but not sure what type..no grids.. replacing old wooden ones that leak air..insulation yes.. not sure what kind..yes on cladding the exterior..lifetime on labor..
I am only going from experience on other home projects I had done.. I do tons of research, become very informed,and still usually get shafted...

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That sounds like a pretty reasonable price. Bainbridge is not Soft-Lite's top of the line but it's a pretty decent mid-grade window. I would find out what glass package is included. Sometimes a dealer who is trying to be the lowest price will not include an upgraded glass package. If you don't get the right one, you will be stuck for a long time. Usually the upgrades aren't that much more and in many cases worth the additional investment.

I would also ask what they are using for insulating the jambs.

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Great..thanks for the advice...

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I do tons of research, become very informed,and still usually get shafted...

No offense intended - but I have to question your technique. Your question here might be your problem. While you have a good answer regarding Soft-Lite windows from skydawggy that doesn't mean that you won't get "shafted" by the contractor that you buy them from. The fact that the price is low should just raise a red flag. I'd suggest getting additional quotes from others for the same or comparable windows. And checking references.

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i agree. that price just sounds too low for a reputable contractor to cover his expenses. whenever i hear prices under 400 for even an ok mid grade window, i get suspicious.

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"So low is good right?"

Unless you find out about the shoddy installation a few years from now when the leaking windows have allowed rot to start in your walls.

But it WAS the cheapest bid.

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yeah, i dont know how a reputable contractor can offer even soft lite's mid grade window for under 400 per window. that just makes no sense. that window is always priced in the mid to upper 400's at least and thats the most basic installation and most basic features. something doesnt sound right.

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I am also considering Softlite for 4 double- hung no grid windows and 2 small double hung kitchen windows, no grids. This will be replacing 25 year old replacement windows that have seal failure. These windows are in an addition that was done 25 years ago by the original owner. When doing our upgrading to this house, we replaced 7 upstairs 6 over 6 original windows(from the 40's) because they were in bad shape. The rest of the house has 6 over 6 double hung originals. To keep with the integrity of the original windows, we chose Marvins because they came the closest to matching. The only reason I am not getting Marvins again is price, and the fact that I don't need the 6 over 6 divided lites on the back of the house, because they never had them to begin with. I do prefer windows that don't look like they belong in a playhouse or something. I have to admit there are some windows that mess with the integrity of a house, and I have to wonder how long they will hold up. I am glad to hear some good things said about Softlite. I don't want to see seal failure, when our old windows with storms can at least be cleaned if a person was so disposed. Windows with seal failure look dirty no matter what! Any advice appreciated-sorry I have rambled so, must be age!

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Which Softlite model are you looking at?

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Thanks for responding skydawggy. I think they are Softlite Imperial. He will be replacing three doublehung windows in the great room, one in powder room, and two small over the kitchen sink. Low E Argon, 1/2 screen, obscure in bottom of powder room. Quote was 2150. After paying for 7 Marvin windows 2 years ago, this price makes me wonder about quality. I'll have to add that we have plantation shutters in the room, so the windows themselves really are hidden, as far as looks go. I just want decent windows that will do a good job. The reason we got Marvins upstairs is that we were replacing 6 over 6 with dimensional muntins, and nothing else I looked at came close to the originals, except for the Marvins. I really couldn't bring myself to get anything else. Now, in the great room, which is an addition, the doublehung windows are plain, no muntins, and on the back of the house. So, what do you think about the Softlites? The guy we got a quote from had already given us a quote to install new gutters, so we asked if he did windows. Then we found out that he had done a friends windows years ago. Thanks for any help, as I am trying to be a wise consumer.

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Softlite Imperial is a nice window. Are you looking at the Imperial L/S or the Pro?

I would ask questions about the installation, though. That price seems very low. Make sure it include wrapping the exterior brickmold with trim coil and ask what he is planning on using to insulate between the windows and the wall studs. Low expanding foam would be a good answer.

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Thanks Skydawggy. I will ask him all of these questions. I really appreciate your help! Which do you think is better, the L/S or Pro?

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The L/S is the better of the 2, but also more expensive. I'd try to get a quote on both and then decide which one is more to your liking.

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Thanks. I will find out next week when he brings sample. I really hope I like it, but knowing how picky I can be...

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