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Amphicar770March 6, 2013

Hi All,

I purchased a CH factory interlock panel so that I can feed my generator into the main panel. Connecting into a 50 amp breaker. Here is my noob question,

In looking at my main panel, I see that neutral and ground connections are intermixed. In other words, my ground bar has both ground wires and neutral wires hooked to it, my neutral bar the same.

I am assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that since the bars are bonded in the main panel that it really does not matter which side I connect the neutral wire from the generator to? Is this correct?

You will notice on the panel that there is a thick aluminum wire on the left side which runs across my basement to the water main. The copper wire near center presumably just grounds the meter but that is connected to the right side bar.

Again, I assume it does not matter which side of the main panel I attach the neutral wire to for the generator (or for a subpanel). Is this correct? If it does indeed matter which side I connect to, I assume the left side (with thick aluminum wire is my ground bar) and the right side is the neutral bar.


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You need to remove any ground to neutral bond in the generator itself.

The generator will use the service grounding electrodes and conductors.

Remember to bond the generator again if you use it for other purposes.

In a main panel grounds and neutrals are bonded and may be mixed on the bars.

They are separated in any other panel (sub-panels).

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Ron Natalie

As BRICKEYE points out, there should be no GROUND to NEUTRAL connections ANYWHERE other than the service disconnect and seperate neutrals and grounds run. This includes within the transfer switch and the generator.

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Thanks all.

Yes, I have unbonded the generator and subpanel, etc.

All seems to be working great. As all of my lights are now either LED or fluorescent, looks like I can power up a heck of a lot from the genset.


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