Question on Measuring for replacement windows

rtkotheAugust 6, 2010

Hi there. I am trying to measure for Marvin tilt-pac sash replacement kit. My house was built in 1960.

Question is: It looks like I have to remove at least the inner sash to get an accurate measurement from jam to jam -is this what is usually done? I don't want to have a hole in my wall while I wait for the windows to be delivered though...

Will removing the inner stop expose some of the jam? Enough for me to get a good measurement? Thanks Ron

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Go to your local Marvin retailer and they can give you the measuring instructions as well as walk you through what is needed. You shouldn't need to remove anything.
If you are not going to install them, I would have your installer give final measurements. If you are going to install them, have the retailer also give you the installation instructions as well before hand. Then you will see what you are getting yourself into. It is DIY friendly but not for everyone. Good luck!

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Nothing needs to be removed.

Measure inside you jambs from side to side.

Measure from the head jamb to the point on the sill where the outside of the bottom sash hits the sill. Most double hung windows built in the last 60 years use a standard size tilt pack.

Be aware that Marvin aluminum clad tilt pack uses the same sash from their old double hung. There is a reason they got away from this cladding design. The all wood tilt pack is great. I have one in my house.

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