Lexel Adhesive

mzclassicSeptember 30, 2009

Where do you buy your Lexwl. I can't find it at Lowes or Home Depot.

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I don't think I've ever heard of Lexel Adhesive Donna. Did someone tell U it was a@ Lowe's? And what is it used for???

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Cathy Lexel is supposed to be better than GEII. A lot of artists use it.

mz..do you have an ACE hardware? I've seen it there.It's by the caulking and stuff like that.Otherwise try online

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Yes Cathy, people say it is best to use on glass on glass because it is strong and dries clearest of them all. I will have to try to get to Ace and see if they have it. I hate using the big caulk tubes so I hope they have a smaller one. I seem to have more control with the smaller tubes. I get it all over me and everything with the big ones. LOL

Donna in Florida

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MZ: When I used to use GEII, I squeezed a small amount out on an old plate and used a pallet knife to apply the adhesive. Every now/then I'd clean the dried off the plate and knife w/a razor blade. No way could I have used the caulking gun to apply. Try the above method to see if you get better results.

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We have an Ace I'll have to get some and try it..

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Lexel sounds wonderful. Will have to look in my area too. I have been using GEII too with the caulk gun, but I save all the hard postcards that come as junque mail and cut them into smaller squares. 5x5 or so...(kinda random sizes cuz I get so many) and then squeeze some glue onto the postcard piece and butter the tess with a toothpick flat side (of course I am working on tiny pieces) saves using a bulldozer to smack a fly. If you know what I mean. LOL The caulk gun is just too big.

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I also find it at Ace Hardware. But here is a web site that tells about it.


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My name is Kim Wozniak and I am the owner of WitsEnd Mosaics. I ran accros this post by accident today. For those of you who don't have access to Lexel we sell it online at www.WitsEndmosaic.com. It is great for projects with metal, fiberglass, composite, and glass bases.

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I find mine at True Value...I have trouble with it....lots of mosaic artist swear by it.........I find it hard to squeeze out of the tube, bubbles, etc...but yep, I still use it!

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