Removing peeling/old paint from Bead Board ceiling????

stoney_pointeApril 9, 2006

Have 60 yr old home with paint peeling or areas that have been scrapped and repainted on a bead board ceiling.

Looking to keep the wood but need to strip it clean. Chemicals would be a big mess, looks like sandblasting is the only option. (don't want to remove and mill down then reattach).

So can someone help as to what to look for, share experience, what type of blasting material:walnut shell?, etc..

Thanks for the help


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Sandblasting is a much bigger mess, from what I hear: the dust goes all over the house. Also, you may have lead paint in your older house, which sandblasting and/or stripping will loose as well. I'd remove the boards and work on them outside. Good luck. You might try posting this on the FineHomeBuilding Forum. I think the URL is

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Unless there is something very special about the beadboard, it will probably be cheaper to remove t and replace it. Even if you have to have the material run at a lumberyard.
Sandblasting inside a house is a disaster. There is no real way to effectively contain the dust.
The cost of stripper over a large area makes replacement start to look good.
And I love old houses. I have made hundreds of feet (probably thousands by now) of molding to match stuff up to 200 years old. Some was rotted, some was damaged, a lot had lead paint.

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