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bus_driverApril 20, 2012

My State has 6.75% sales tax. Over the years, I have purchased from McFeeley's several times. Yesterday my online order had sales tax that looked to be much too much and it was calculated at 13.6%. I did not enter the order. I contacted them about the tax issue and they ignored that part of the message. On general principle, I cannot accept such business practice.

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Numerous jurisdictions are trying to enforece4 sales tax on out of state sales.

They need to feed the beast and are looking for any source of money they can tap into.

It is unlikely to be the vendors choice.

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I was a customer of McFeeley's until 8 years ago. I bought a few boxes of stainless steel spiral-shank pneumatic framing nails. These were for some deck projects.

ALL the nails I recieved were irregular. The sticks kept jamming the nail guns, they were all bent and crooked. It was impossible to use these, and we tried different framing nailers, Senco, and a Hitachi. The nails were clearly manufactured outside of the acceptable tolerence.

I called McFeeley and they told me i would have to pay for shiping them back, wnich is not cheap for a couple hundred pounds of nails. Then they told me they could only accept the unopened boxes! What a jip! Of course we opened all the boxes, we were losing time on the job. I explained that NONE of the nails were right, and then they tried to blame it on my nail guns. GEEZ! No recourse with these mail order folks.

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"No recourse with these mail order folks. "

Use a CC and you at least have the CC company on your side to reverse the charge fr defective merchandise.

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