Mix of Window Styles?

les_baileyAugust 28, 2010

Hello. We're in the planning phase of building new, custom, and I'm looking for your opinion please for mixing window styles. How do you think this will affect the look both from the inside, and the outside?

Whole house standard is 200 series Anderson.

Main living area is open FR + Kitchen w/breakfast area in the middle, a hearth area off the rear, and as much windows on the rear as I can have.

5x6'DH window wall in the FR looks out onto full-length screened porch w/skylights & fans.

Hearth room has inswing patio single onto screen porch one side, inswing patio set onto covered grilling porch off the other. Outside view area of Hearth has a triple 6'DH on the back, with a single between that corner & the patio door set.

Kitchen is U-shape w/Island, meaning cabs on the outside, I'm asking for windows from the rangetop out to the corner - about a six foot span. Single window over the sink looks out onto grilling porch.

Above kitchen is the "best" guest room - same view out of the rear, so we want windows available in the kitchen corner too.

So question is twofold: If we have mostly DH throughout the house (no grills), how weird will it look to have the 200 series gliding windows in those two locations in the kitchen? Keeping in mind that when looking at the home from the outside, you will then see a wall with a large gliding window kitchen, and DH for laundry adjacent, and triple-gang of DH upstairs (but we could put gliders there?)

Second fold of question is, I would love the look of the Anderson Casement windows next to my rangetop - BUT they only offer that in the 400 series. Every other location I could put DH, but then that would be mixing 200 DH with 400 series casement - albiet in an adjacent room (kitchen to FR or hearth).

So, mix 200 with 400 series? Or mix DH with Gliding, and stay with the same 200 series?

Other salient points:

- all painted interior trim.

- Style of the home is a spar off colonial, I suppose, we're going for a "upscale rustic horse country" look & feel, and I equate gliding windows with either F.L.W. style, or cheap-o 1970's apartments.

- The exterior wall with kitchen & upstairs guest windows is a side wall, but has the most exposure to traffic, and what everyone sees coming & going down the road.

- Option for upgrading all to 400 we will price it out, but likely will be out of budget. (I've been reading all your suggestions here, and we just liked the way they moved when looking at them in the store last weekend, but money is money.)

Thanks in advance !

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Try to use Casement windows if they are in the budget. They will out perform double hung windows in every aspect. However, Double Hung, Horizontal slider & Casement windows do not look or preform the same.

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