Andersen Series 100 or Series 400?

koshka2August 20, 2010

We are trying to decide whether to pay the extra for Andersen Series 400 windows or not on the house we will build.

We are in Texas, house will be 1 story, about 2500 sf. The builder's standard windows are Silverline. The Series 100 is an additional about $4500. We are sure we will at least do this.

The next option is Series 400 (Tilt wash, not woodwright). That is about another $6500 more than the Series 100.

I'm not at all sure this is worth it.

To be clear, I'm sure that the Series 400 is a better window than the Series 100. However, I don't necessarily want to pay for best or better if the alternative is adequate.

I would be willing to pay for the Series 400 if one of two situations was present:

1. The Series 400 would vastly increase the energy efficiency leadings to a payback of the $6500 within a relatively short period of time. The climate here is warm (at or near 100 in the summer). Winter is usually relatively mild. I'm not sure we get enough savings in energy cost to make it worth $6500 extra for the Series 400.

2. If the Series 100 is unreliable and will likely cause damage to the house or need to be replaced vastly sooner than the Series 400.

I am not that concerned about the aesthetics of the 2 sets of windows or the fact that the Series 400 is double hung versus the Series 100 being single hung. I would sort of prefer the Series 400 but not sure I prefer it $6500 worth.

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We just did the entire window thing...

You have valid reasone for sticking with the 100s, however I'd take a look at upgrading to the SmartSun option for your south and west windows (we're in OK, so I have a feeling for your sun).

You really might want to get the window specs and go to Lowes (at the contractor desk) and ask about a whole house quote through their corporate Quote Support Program (QSP) for Pella Proline 450s.

We got 4 custom 3 x 4.5', six 3 x 4.5', two huge flanked combos, one 3 x 3 kitchen casement, two hinged 6 x 6 patios, two 36" entry doors and one double sidelight entry door, plus storm doors for the three - for right arouond $17K.

They are all painted inside, with vividview screening, the optional UV glass and extended jambs.

Well worth the small effort.

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Never buy windows as an investment. Buy them because your old windows need to be replaced. Then find a few windows that you like. Much the same way you would purchase anything else for your home such as new counter tops, carpeting etc. From there find the best value for your dollar.

Where anyone ever got the idea that windows should pay for themselves is beyond me. Just because they save you money doesn't make them an investment. If you want an investment, go to a stockbroker banker or financial advisor, don't go to a window dealer.

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We will be getting the SmartSun option for either option.

This is for a new house so we will be getting through the builder.

Our main priority is energy efficient windows that keep the elements out and will last a reasonable time.

I'm just not sure it is worth the extra $6500 for the Series 400.

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How many windows are you installing?

I'd get real nervous if my builder told me his standard window was Silverline. It shows me he knows very little about windows and I would not consider any of his window recommendations at that point.

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