M&M mosaics

october17September 17, 2012

Have any of you talented people made any M&M mosaics? I just saw something about M&M even having free patterns.

I just might try a halloween cake top mosaic. If it comes out halfway decent, maybe I'll go for Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

I would never try a real mosaic. But I love to come here and see the beautiful things all of you make.

Would love to see what you all can do with M&Ms.

My favorite is queen nefferkittie. Just love that one!

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No website ? I googled the address .... there's a M&M glass mosaic site near the top. It's selling mosaics.
I'm not sure if this is spam. Usually spammers have replies sent to them.

If it's not .... this is a professional glass artist forum .. we don't work in M&M's. Try a kindergarten crafts forum.

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No I am not a spammer.

I was searching for holiday ideas and came across cakes decorated with m&ms. One of the sites said m&m had free patterns. Maybe it was old and the patterns are not available anymore.

Maybe the less "professional" glass artists would want to have some fun.

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