Silver Line or ViewPoint (Pro View)

Lisa_HAugust 26, 2009

I am looking at two different bids (waiting for prices still). I live in OK. I am replacing a north facing picture window (two windows that open, the center one not) and probably two bedroom windows.

I went and looked at both yesterday. From one company I liked the ViewPoint Series 5000 the best. They quoted me prices for the Viewpoint 3000 series, double hung; the Maritech single hung and the Don Young single hung. Of those, I liked the ViewPoint 5000 series best. The vent latches were much better and the quality looked better.

From the other company, they are going to quote me on the Silver Line Series 8500. He really tried to talk me into the single hung window. He told me that most people never actually used the double hung cleaning feature and the single hungs were more efficient. However the single hungs do not have the vent locks and I have to have those, I leave windows open for ventilation several months of the year.

I'm aware these are probably not TOP of the line windows. But, does anyone have any knowledge of these two windows?

BTW, I had Champion give me the first I thought the windows were probably good, but VERY pricey!!!


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Hi Lisa

Unfortunately, nobody responded to your question, but I am ALSO torn between the Silverline 8500 and the ViewPoint (Either 3000 or 5000). Could you give me any guidance as to which brand you went with and anything good/bad that came along with them? I'm thinking of going with the ViewPoints, but would be great to get your opinion! Thank you.


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Personally my feeling are Silverline is the bottom of the barrel. And from looking at the View Point site and the lack of information it contains and then searching where to buy them, I would not place them any higher then Silverline. Appears to me they are a one stepper selling directly to the installer, and Direct Buy as well which would make them a NO BUY for me.

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Viewpoint is made by Atrium. It's a decent mid-grade window. Certainly a step up from Silverline but not one of the top performers.

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Ah ha, that makes me a firm believer in staying away then as I will steer clear of anything with the name Atrium on it as I have a had too much trouble with the wood windows and patio doors they made to ever trust the name again.

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The silver line window is one the worst windows made other than crystal. Anderson bought silver line a few years ago and it almost put them out of business because of the poor quality construction of the window caused numerous service for installers. Silver line's goal was to make as many windows as fast as possoble. Anderson didn't know what they were getting into when they purchased silver line

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