Garden seating from scrap wood?

Central_Cali369April 11, 2008

Okay, we built a trellis-roofed patio and have four 4' pieces of 8x8 posts left over. What would be the best way to make some sort of seating furniture for the garden? I was thinking of attaching a 1'x1' piece of plywood to the top of each one and topping that off with a rustic floor tile. Then i would plant the posts in the ground, leaving them about 3' high. Sorry i don't have pictures to show, but does this sound do-able, or will there be problems with the four extra inches of plywood and tile hanging over the sides? Thanks

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It sounds doable, though burying them only 1' in the ground may not be enough, especially if the soil is at all loose and sandy. I'd want the plywood to be as thick as possible. Also, how will you cover and protect the edges?

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